uPVC and Composite door repairs. Repairs, replacement parts, servicing and door adjustment.

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Doors with multi-point locking systems can be troublesome to operate or fail for a number of reasons. We are able to repair or source replacement parts for all types of doors, even old and out of production doors.

Often a service and a re-adjustment of the door, is all that is needed. upvc door repairs in colchester

Door Handle becoming hard to lift when locking door ?
Handle Lifts but key doesn't turn ?
Door won't unlock properly?
Door seems to catch frame when trying to close ?
Handle loose and door won't unlock ?
Door jammed shut ?
multi-point lock repairs colchester

Composite and uPVC doors.

'Prevention is better (cheaper) than the cure'. Most manufacturers recommend regular servicing to the locking mechanisms. Unfortunately many households live with a hard to operate door. Metal rubbing or catching against metal for long periods of time will usually result wear to the mechanism gearbox and something snapping or breaking in time. A service and a re-adjustment is always cheaper then a new locking system or replacement part.

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